Living 4 Keto

with Sherry Barnard



Living4Keto is a place to learn, grow, discover and reclaim your health. Let me share with you the lifestyle that has changed my life and the lives of many others. This is your destination to learn from a Certified Ketogenic Living coach, business owner, wife and mom. 

Ketogenic Living

Keto is known for weight loss. But keto transforms health in ways you could never imagine. That's why Ketogenic Living 101, is a powerful tool to change the trajectory of your health.


I love to cook now.  I love meal prep now.  I love having endless energy now (finally!) I love having mental clarity, every damn day.  I love never being hungry.  I love feeding my body good food.  I love keto.  I love being a certified ketogenic living coach.  But most importantly, I love sharing and helping other people fall in love with the ketogenic lifestyle too.


The best part of ketogenic living is the food.  When you quit yo-yo dieting and listening to out-dated nutrition advice, you can discover some of the most delicious foods on the planet! The silver lining... these foods actually improve your mood, body-composition, hormone health and so much more!