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About Me

I refused to accept my “fate”...


For years I believed that postmenopausal weight gain was inevitable; that the older I got, the harder it would be to lose weight and be healthy.  Doctor visits resulted in being offered prescription medications to manage the “symptoms of aging”. With a tanking thyroid and unbalanced hormones, bioidentical hormone replacements seemed to be my fate.

But like I said, I refuse to accept that “fate”...

Being hooked on pharmaceutical medications scare the heck out of me.  I did my research and found some herbal supplements that offered a more natural approach to healing and aging.  Supplements can only go so far, though, and I knew that I was in need of a lifestyle makeover if I was going to drop this weight and heal my slowing metabolism.

Like most women, I tried all of the diets out there.  ALL. OF. THEM. And like most women, I yo-yo’d my way up and down on the scale, never really feeling full, energized or happy.

Since I was already riding the diet roller coaster and researching all of the ways a postmenopausal woman could lose weight, when I came across the ketogenic lifestyle, I figured, “sounds crazy, but what the heck!”  I am the type of person who goes all in, all at once. This meant going cold-turkey on all grains, gluten, and sugars. The latter was the hardest for me to follow, not just because I enjoy a sweet bite from time to time, but because my Type-2 Diabetic husband is a sugar-lover and keeps treats all over our home.

I refused to give into temptation…

Within five months I was down a whopping 50 pounds!  My doctor was concerned that I had “crash-dieted,” but I knew different.  I was eating my way to health and happiness! This new-found energy carried over into every part of my life, allowing me to drastically increase my physical activity.  Bootcamp classes, HIIT cardio, and personal training? Done, done, and DONE!

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I am stronger than ever, healthier than I was in my 20’s, and determined to help other women like me who refuse to accept their fate.

If you're interested in my comprehensive seven week program, the plan that changed my life, then I invite you to learn more.  It would be my honor to help you find freedom of food and the out-dated dietary advice that is so commonly given out.  Listen to what Lori had to say about working with me:

Sherry has been an incredible wealth of knowledge for my husband and I! I am a nurse but learning the KETO way of eating is something new for us! She has helped me to read labels, buy groceries that are good for us, learn to track macros, and is readily available when we have a question! She adds value to my life and I appreciate all that she has done for us!! As a health care professional and someone with interest in health and wellness, Sherry comes HIGHLY recommended.
— Lori B, BSN, RNC-OB